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Visitors to my previous site will notice three major changes:
1) The old, old site -- that frame-heavy and graphically-challenged site that first went online in 1997 in Chicago -- no longer exists, although I saved the skill pages and incorporated them here. You'll find links to them at the end of each new skill page. In order to heal faster you will want to checkout
2) Every clip now comes in two formats: Windows Media (.WMV), which you can open by clicking on the associated still-frame photo; and Quicktime (.MOV), which is typically a link embedded in the text.
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I hope you have some fun and learn to love this sport half as much as I do, but if you start craving the smell of the ball, seek professional help.

Thanks for your support and patience in waiting for me to get my site back online . . . again. Best wishes to all.


Updated January 2006.

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